Carpal Tunnel: Postoperative Management Therapy

*Patients planning to return immediately to strenuous activities may do so in a short arm cast or strong clamshell splint - 30 degrees wrist dorsiflexion, basal joint immobilized. This is worn for one month.

0-5 days Postop:

Review Preop discussion with patient Gentle exercize and light use of the hand is encouraged beginning the day after surgery. The patient is instructed on isolated tendon glide exercises for all digits. They are cautioned against heavy resistive activities for 6 weeks following surgery.

1-6 weeks Postop:

The bandage and stiches are removed about a week after surgery. Active Range of motion exercises of the wrist are instituted according to the physician's instructions. Edema control, scar massage and desensitization are initiated when the incision is made accessible. The palm is tender for at least four to six weeks after the procedure. Golf and hand related sports are usually too uncomfortable until six to eight weeks postop.

6-12 weeks Postop:

Progressive strengthening exercises are instituted.

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