Flaps for Proximal digit cover Procedures

  • Procedure - Axial Flag Flap
  • Procedure - Transposition Flap from the Side of a Finger
  • Procedure - Dorsolateral Neurovascular Flap of the Finger
  • Procedure - Lateral Finger Rotation Flap
  • Procedure - Arterialized Side Finger Flaps for the Proximal Interphalangeal Joint
  • Procedure - Tendocutaneous Dorsal Finger Flap
  • Procedure - Reversed Cross Finger Subcutaneous Tissue Flap
  • Procedure - Dorsal Branch of Digital Nerve Innervated Cross Finger Flap
  • Procedure - Radial Innervated Cross Finger Flap to the Thumb
  • Procedure - Neurovascular Kite Flap from the Index Finger
  • Procedure - Innervated Dorsal Index Finger Flaps to the Thumb
  • Procedure - Thumb Reconstruction with Two Local Flaps




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