Companies Providing Hand Surgery Products
Durable Medical Goods Therapy, Orthotics and Prosthetics Publishers  / Reference
Hardware and Implants Microsurgery and Vascular Related Over the counter hand health products
Instruments Nerve / Sensory Testing Equipment X Ray
Splints / Braces / Durable Medical Goods
3 Point Products Low profile unique small joint splints
Florida Orthopedics Inc. Orthopaedic and Safety Products
Quicksplints Durable and comfortable mallet finger splints
Hardware and Implants
Avanta Silastic Joint Implants
Biomet Hardware, Instruments, Joint Implants
Depuy Hardware, Joint Implants
EBI Systems Hardware, Instruments, Bone Growth Stimulators
Hand Biomechanics Lab Agee products: Agee Wrist jack
Howmedica Hardware, Instruments, Joint Implants
Joshi External Stabilization System Flexible hand and foot sized external fixation system
Lorenz Hardware, Instruments, Custom Implants
Mede Technik Kirschner wires, Steinmann pins, Iinstruments
Multitac Unique Bone Anchor System
Rayhack Osteotomy Systems Radial / Ulnar osteotomy jigs and plates
Trimed Wrist Fixation System Distal radius fracture specific fixation system
ASSI Specialty Instruments
Colorado Biomedical, Inc. The Colorado Microdissection Needle
Microaire Power Bone Instruments
Therapy, Orthotics and Prosthetics
American Hand Prosthetics - (212) 213-3700  Lifelike Custom Silicon Prostheses
Balance Systems RSI Related Orthotics 
Dingemanse Orthopaedics International Lifelike Custom Silicon Prostheses
Get a Grip Custom Golf Grips
Handhealth Exercises Hand Exercise Products
IMAK Products Smart Glove, Pil-O-Splint
Joint Active Systems Unique Static Progressive Splints
Leverhume Oxford Southampton Hand Myoelectric Prostheses
Livingskin Lifelike Custom Silicon Prostheses
Motion Control (Utah Arm) Myoelectric Prostheses
Nevedac Prosthetic Centre Myoelectric and Passive Prostheses
North Coast Medical Hand Therapy and ADL Products
Orthotics and Prosthetics Online Orthotics and Prosthetics
Pillet Hand Prostheses Lifelike Custom Silicon Prostheses
Silipos Silastic Gel Products
Microsurgery and Vascular Related
Keeler Loupes and Lights
Leeches U.S.A. Leeches
Luxtec Loupes, Lights, and Instruments
Surgical Specialties Corporation Microsurgery Knives and Sutures
Transsonic Systems Inc. Ultrasonic Vascular Monitors
Welch Allyn Lighting 
Zeiss Microscopes
Nerve / Sensory Testing Equipment
Connecticut Bioinstruments  Monofilament Resources
NeuMed Nervepace Nerve conduction Testing
Neurotron, Inc. The Neurometer 
Publishers  / Reference
Aries Systems Corporation Custom Web Based Medical Literature Access
Elsevier Interactive Anatomy CD-ROMs
Lippincott-Raven Publishers Lippincott-Raven Book Publishers
Primal Interactive Hand Anatomy CD-ROM
Icon Educational Publishing The Netter Collection
W. B. Saunders WB Saunders Book and Periodical Publishers
Over the counter hand health products
 Bone Store Wrist rests
 Carpal Tunnel Exercise video Carpal Tunnel Exercise video
 Carpal Tunnel Products Splints and other items
 Computer Gloves Computer Gloves
 IMAK Products Wrist splints
 Magnetic Force Magnets for wrist pain
 Rossiter and Associates Exercise Handbook
 Wrist Gliders Computer wrist aids
 Wrist Mate Wrist brace Carpal tunnel Splint
 Wrist Riders Computer wrist aids
 Wrist Wave Computer wrist aids
X Ray
Fluoroscan Portable Fluoroscopy
Xitec Portable Fluoroscopy

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