1. Santa Cruz
  2. Petrolero Hospital and the Team
  3. Axillary Burn Scar Release
  4. Dorsal Thumb Release, Arthrodesis and Extended Thenar Flap
  5. Hypoplastic Hands
  6. Release and full thickness skin graft Burn Finger Flexion Contracture
  7. Complex Burn Scar release and full thickness skin graft
  8. Congenital Hands
  9. Amputation and flap mangled finger
  10. Cleft Hands
  11. Acquired Deformities
  12. Madelungs
  13. Corrective Osteotomy Distal Radius Malunion
  14. Hodge-Podge
  15. More Congenital Hands
  16. Extensor Tenolysis, First Web Space Release and Radial Forearm Flap
  17. Complex Mitten Hand Release and Posterior Interosseous Flap
  18. The USA/Bolivia Group