Nail problems Discussion

Nail growth and appearance may be affected by a variety of problems. Nail bed injuries may heal uneventfully or may produce dramatic chronic deformities. Following nail plate removal, the finger must be protected from strenuous use or irritating chemicals for at least two weeks. Recovery is slow, and at least six months should pass before judging the final effect on nail growth. Chronic nail growth abnormalities are a difficult problem and often are multifactorial. Problems which are reasonably approached with surgery include ingrown nail, hyperconvex nail, chronic nail bed infections and deformities only due to effects of a mucous cyst. Less reliable results follow surgical treatment of retained nail remnant, although this is often such an aggravating problem for the patient that surgery would seem reasonable even if somewhat of a gamble for success. Although surgery for split nail, loss of germinal matrix or other deformities has been described and is often mentioned in surgical texts, the results are unpredictable and often disappointing. A removable suction fit miniature prosthesis is often a more reasonable and satisfying option to heroic efforts at nail reconstruction.

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