Mucous cyst Discussion

A synovial cyst is a collection of the lubricating synovial liquid which has leaked outside the joint where it is normally contained. When this process takes place at the end joint of a digit, it is commonly referred to as a mucous cyst, and is associated with a unique set of problems. Cysts in this location are almost always due to underlying osteoarthritis. They are at risk for infection and secondary joint infection because the soft tissue cover is relatively thin. Nail deformities are common because of local pressure of the cyst on the nail bed. Nail deformities may occur as a result of cysts which are not visibly obvious. Surgical treatment is indicated for enlargement with thinning of the overlying skin or for associated nail deformities. Surgery usually involves debridement of arthritic joint spurs as well as removal of the cyst. Surgery has the risks of stiffness, nail bed deformity and possible recurrence of the cyst, as well as other surgical risks.

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