Ganglion or synovial cyst Discussion

A ganglion or synovial cyst is a collection the lubricating synovial liquid normally contained within a joint or tendon sheath. The patient has a clinical picture consistent with a ganglion cyst. Diagnosis may be confirmed in some cases by aspiration of typical jelly-like cyst contents. Depending on their location, many cysts resolve spontaneously. An average of one out of three wrist ganglion cysts can be expected to resolve spontaneously, but those involving the distal interphalangeal joint (mucous cysts) rarely go away on their own. Most cysts may simply be observed without treatment. Surgical treatment is indicated for intractable pain, loss of motion, numbness, unstable skin cover, or other changes in behavior, recognizing that subjective symptoms may also be due other underlying problems. Other options include splinting, therapy, aspiration of the cyst and injection of local cortisone, or surgery. Surgery has the risks of stiffness and possible recurrence of the cyst, as well as other surgical risks.

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